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Academic Project

The pioneer institute for project guidance in the Kerala Efficiency attained through experience and strong technical and software supporting team is our strength. All level project guidance in software development field is provided for all professionals courses based on Computer Applications. Academic projects provide the base for software professionals. To get started learn the techniques and develop the software yourself, we will guide you. Windsoft provides Academic projects guidance for all professional courses existing today. Thousands of students have completed and successfully developed their own academic projects with the guidance of windsoft professionals. All these years windsoft have many successful and creative projects developed and completed. The main quality assurance for project development lies on the successful completion of projects. Upgraded version of technology is used to ensure feasibility with upcoming development. Guidance and essential assistance are provided for project report preparation, presentation tips, seminar guidance etc Both mini project and main project guidance is provided at the center with immense quality. Academic projects based on ASP,ASP.net,C#,PHP,JSP,HTML,and JAVA,VB,VC++,C,C++,Android.. MTech , Msc, BTech, Bsc, Diploma, Plus two, School level project guidance is provided at Windsoft with complete professional guidance.

Live Project

Windsoft software development promotes live project development and has number of ongoing projects under constructions. Various websites that is constructed and established by Windsoft is ranked number one. Windsoft software development wing has full fledged technical and professional assistance from our evergreen resources and creative minds that is grown up and mould up at windsoft itself. World wide support and enhancement of the software’s has supported for successful development of the software development wing. This particular section has created immense socially important software’s that act as a center of attraction of the institution. The website of Attingal municipal city e-cityatl is one of the most successful and important social welfare site developed and promoted by Windsoft. It is the digital integration of Attingal city. All the activities related to Attingal municipal city is updated and maintained in this site and also it act as a local media. Many other services are provided by the particular site without any lag.

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