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Annual celebrations of Windsoft Educational Institution are conducted every year on the annual day that is June 8 since 2001. It is a overall celebration programme with cultural and sports festivals as its main attraction along with competitions and entertainment programmes for students of the institution. The annual convocation and prize distribution are done during the final day of the Winfest. Various respectful dignitaries will be participating in the function showing the importance of the function in the city. This scenario is more important to the whole city, since the most important processes of digital integration of attingal city (ecityatl) will be conducted on this function since it is a prestigious effort showing the efficiency of Windsoft Software Development Team.



Well equipped and sophisticated and professionally arranged computer labs. Separate section for multimedia, animation and graphics. Well equipped systems with latest technologies for sound engineering and video editing. Fashion technology and related courses have separate labs. Various labs for the courses under the institution are:
Multimedia Lab
Computer Lab
Software Development Lab
Computer Graphics Lab
Internet Lab


Thousands of valuable books that can help students immensely in their academies is arranged in the library. Books related to academies, like engineering, postgraduation, guides for various software implementations etc are provided at the center. Books will be available to students for reference with the permission of concerned staff. The books included in the library consist of:
Engineering Technology

Modern Technologies
Worldwide Technical and Softwares


Windsoft kids land has an interesting and safely arranged children’s park that creates a happy mood to kids who comes to kids land for various courses and thus get the enthusiasm to do their studies with interest. Also various mental enhancement and enthusiastic technologies are arranged in the park to improve the mental abilities of children.
Mental Ability Games
Recreational Games
Interaction Lab

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